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Dear Customer,


The spa closure due to the Covid-19 epidemic took a very long time but looking at the latest guidance from the government we can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. Therefore, we wanted to update you about expected reopening of Find Professional Massage and envisaged changes related to pandemic.


The most likely expected opening date currently considered by the government is 4th of July but the date can be brought forward or delayed depending on the prevailing government guidance based on infection rate so we are preparing for a potential earlier opening, if at all possible. We have spent a lot of time researching the possible massage therapy implications of the post-pandemic world based on the measures introduced in other industries and other countries. I also found extremely useful my prior in depth experience working in a hospital, which made me very familiar with the highest hygienic standards required in clinical environments.


In this letter we would like to share with you a few heightened health and safety proposals we are currently considering introducing and would like to hear your feedback on their acceptability as well as any other concerns and suggestions you might have. We want to reassure you that your safety is of paramount importance to us and we take your feedback extremely seriously. We will do anything it will take for your spa experience to be safe, while remaining pleasant and relaxing.


Here is a list of new policies which we would like to implement from the re-opening date:

  1. Extended breaks between each session for enhanced cleaning and to avoid unnecessary contact between the customers (any customers arriving early will be kindly asked to wait outside);

  2. After each session room floor and door handles will be cleaned with disinfectant and room air will be ventilated via open windows;

  3. Massage bed to be disinfected and bed sheets changed after each session;

  4. Massage bed covered with PVC bed protector; 

  5. Sheets to be washed at 80 C after each session;

  6. We will use the same disinfectant spray and wipes as are used in NHS operating rooms;

  7. Hand sanitiser provided next to the entrance into each therapy room for customer’s (optional) and therapist’s (mandatory) use;


Further policies we are considering, subject to customer feedback:


  • Therapist to use mask and waterproof apron at all times during the therapy;

  • Customers can opt to use brand new towels (extra costs) or to bring their own towel;

  • Each customer will be required to sign a form before each therapy confirming that they are not aware of any COVID-19 symptoms and are not aware of coming into contact with anybody with symptoms in the past 14 days;

  • Introduction of a new type of “contactless” therapy where the customer can keep the clothes on, with a focus on the stretching and the pressure points;


Lastly, there are a few more considerations we would like to hear your views on. Could you please kindly let us know if you would like to see any of the below measures introduced in our spa.


Here is the link which opens the test

It’s all free so please help yourself and use it until we can help you again!


With best wishes



Owner of Find PM

Thanks again for your time and continuous support. We hope we will be able to restart our treatments as soon as possible and in the meantime we would like to inform you about a free specialised advice we offer on our website. It’s an option to provide us with a more detailed description of your pain or physical problem and receive from us a tailor-made stretching, self-massage and exercise plan focused on addressing your specific issues:

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