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Welcome to FIND Professional Massage


I am Susanna Mede the owner of FIND Professional Massage and practicing certified massage therapist. 
I first started working as a medical massage therapist in a hospital in Hungary back in 2008, dealing with various post-hospitalisation rehabilitations. A few years later, I noticed that due to my background as a professional athlete, I was able to understand and treat my athlete patients much more effectively than most other therapists. That’s why I decided to open my own massage therapy practice in Hungary where I worked particularly with professional athletes, but also continued my post-hospitalisation rehabilitation and welcomed those who just wanted to relax at the end of the day. Being a business university graduate allowed me to quickly develop a very successful business. 
Then when an opportunity came in 2016, I moved to London and a new professional challenge was awaiting me. In the past 4 years I have worked for a few leading spas and clinics in London and helped a lot of people to relieve their pain and treat their acute and chronic problems. But I have also realised that I could provide better more customised treatment than most existing places offered and therefore last summer I decided to open FIND Professional Massage. 
Most of the people have constant pains as a result of a bad posture, such as sitting at an office desk for long periods, carrying a child or jogging in the park. This badly affects mostly the back, shoulders and neck triangle. By offering a customised treatment to each customer and accompanying it with advice about the most suitable exercise regime we provide an effective solution to common physical problems of working professionals, exhausted mothers and recuperating athletes - as well as offering a relaxing massage for everybody else.
We have been blessed by having many regular customers but we’re always happy to welcome new clients and find new challenges and treat everyone personally and according to their needs. I had the opportunity to try clinical and spa work in the past 12 years which has equipped me with an expertise and experience to make my own business in London a success. For that I thank all of our existing and past clients and I look forward to welcome you to FIND and hope to get my hands on your problem areas soon!

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